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The buttons above lead to pages of links to sites where stories and books can be found on-line (some for sale, some for free) or where printed editions may be purchased over the Internet. Note: These sites will come up in new windows; to leave those sites and return to where you left it, exit those sites. If you minimize the windows, you'll soon have too many windows open, and your computer will not be happy.


Books published electronically, which may be read on the computer screen, or downloaded to e-readers. A properly equipped computer can read these aloud; downloaded, these can be given to a Braille notepad. Most sites require payment, but there are a few which provide books for free.

Audio Books

Audio books, some complete and some abridged, may be purchased over the Internet.

Old-Style Printed Books

Get the old-fashioned codex delivered to your door. The big chains are here, but so are small publishers who sell direct, independent science fiction and fantasy stores, and used book stores which specialize in science fiction and fantasy.


Home pages of science fiction and fantasy magazines. Some are paper-published, some are e-published, some are both. Of course, subscription information is available at these sites.


Websites of science fiction and fantasy publishers give information about books currently for sale and about forthcoming books. Some of these sites have sample chapters available on-line and other information about the science-fiction community. The publishers listed here do not sell direct; those who do are listed on other pages according to the type of book they sell (paper, audio, or electronic).